Fope Love Nest Ring AN591R



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The design of the FOPE rings is inspired by the iconic Novecento mesh and each piece represents a precious element of the jewellery suite which also include bracelets, earrings and matching necklaces. A gold ring is a classic winner: one can choose between the subtle elegance of the classic solid gold rings (with or without diamonds) or opt for a more contemporary Flex'it ring, available in select suites in the Prima or the Vendôme collection. The stretchable mesh is crafted solely of 18 carat gold and rendered fully flexible, thanks to dozens of tiny gold springs hidden between each link. They are elegant and comfortable, plus one wears them on different fingers according to the mood. Always available in yellow, white or rose 18 carat gold, the FOPE rings are the quintessence of a truly Italian style.

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