Tissot T-Race MotoGP Chronograph Limited Edition 2023 T1414173705701

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The thrills of MotoGPTM and the passion of Tissot cannot be separated. To honour this partnership, the T-Race MotoGP watch celebrates the excitement of racing – and for 2023, this Tissot classic has been given a new set of colours. The timepieces are crafted with the same detail and expertise shared between watchmakers, motorbike mechanics and riders. Directly inspired by the sport, the T-Race MotoGP Limited Edition 2023 is where passion meets innovation, with meticulous detailing. With one eye always on the clock, precision is the common ground with MotoGP riders. Large, red arabic numbers on the dial: big, visible digits like motorcycle racing numbers, while flashy red details give the notion of speed; there is a MotoGP logo engraved on the caseback and speedometer-inspired chronographs. There is a brake disc and calibre on the bezel, the pushes are inspired by handlebars, and engine cooling fins are depicted on the side of case. Last but not least, all the dedicated watches come packaged in mini helmets.

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